4 Open, 2 Private, Golf Simulators

Our state-of-the-art golf simulators feature 200+ fully mapped golf courses from all over the country and the world! Travel the world and golf on historic and famous courses such as Pebble Beach and Saint Andrews Old Course. We have four open golf simulator bays, which cost $50/hr each to reserve, and two private golf simulator bays that costs $70/hr. Each bay is large enough for up to 6 participants. Additional features include:

– Auto-tee and ball retrieval (ball fetching no more!)

– 5 different hitting surfaces for every circumstance!

– Moving base plate to simulate topography

– 400 FPS high-speed cameras for accurate and fast feedback

– Touchscreen Monitor Kiosk featuring advanced stats after every single hit, and throughout the game!

– Virtual caddie to give tips and tricks to improve your game

– Watch replays of your swings instantly or later when you have a member card, and see what you can improve!

– Join in on a worldwide Golf Tournament and prove your skills to the nation with a chance to win incredible prizes!

Golf Zone Simulator Pricing

Open Simulator Bay:

Private Simulator Bay:

you have fun while the kids have fun

Let the kids have fun at Flight Zone, Gillette’s premier Trampoline and Ninja Warrior park, while you kick back and relax at Golf Zone, which is in the same building.

Golf Zone is in the same building at Flight Zone, Gillette’s premier Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park! Flight Zone also features a huge arcade and snack bar. Drop off the kids so they can jump to their heart’s content and come on over to Golf Zone for your own fun.